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Modelling and Simulation of the CLS Cryogenic System


This paper presents results pertaining to the numerical modelling of the cryo-genic system at the Canadian Light Source. The cryogenic system consists of a cryostat that houses a Radio Frequency (RF) cavity used for boosting the energy of an electron beam. For consistent operation of the RF cavity, it must be kept immersed in liquid helium at a constant level with the pressure in the gas space maintained to an accuracy of 1 mbar. An improvement to the cryostat model suggested in [1] using control volumes is described. The model and numerical method developed for the liquid helium supply and gaseous helium return lines are validated using two di erent cases, viz., the liquid helium  ow rate from the liquid helium transfer line and the gaseous helium  ow rate from the cryostat for various heater power input settings. The numerical method described here is signi cantly more accurate, ecient, and  exible than that used in [2] based on an iterative bisection method.

Authors: Chidambaranathan and Spiteri

Download: Chidambaranathan2013