Briana Brownell

I am one of the Numerical Simulation Lab’s industry interlopers. I’m a specialist in statistical modelling and analytics and have worked extensively with both academic research teams and corporate clients. ​During my career, I’ve had the privilege of working with many different research teams in various parts of the world on subjects as diverse as understanding the attitudes of primary producers towards a water pipeline in a drought-devastated region of Australia, to understanding the motivating effect of gamification to respondents providing survey data, to determining what factors influence small-town residents’ perception of their quality of life.

​Much of my collaboration with the Numerical Simulation Lab has centred around new product adoption and the social factors that influence it. Our modelling techniques bring together researchers from many different disciplines including economics, marketing, computer science, physics and applied mathematics. We are studying pricing strategy, product positioning, sales forecasting and advertising ROI as well as building a rigorous mathematical basis that businesses can use to improve their performance in-market.