Adam Preuss

As of March 2014, I work as a software engineer at SoilVision Systems, located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My work there is focused on the development of software in application to geotechnical engineering. On occasion, I also have contract work with projects related to system administration and web development.

I received my master’s degree in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Raymond Spiteri, where my research was focused on problem-solving environments for ordinary differential equations. My thesis investigates what performance gains can be made from the additive splitting of initial-value problems so that their components can be solved with separate, more specialized methods. These splittings can be based on physical characteristics of the problem (e.g., diffusion and reaction) or via a splitting accomplished by linearization. Additionally, I developed a fluid simulator for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations that is parallelized using OpenCL and takes advantage of GPU processing.

I received my undergraduate degree in computing science at the University of Alberta, where I developed a strong background in applied math, physics, and computer science. I am particularly interested in areas involving numerical analysis, scientific computing, systems programming, networks, or cryptography. On a personal note, I enjoy working on cars and most anything else that involves construction. I also play drums, guitar, and piano.